Branding & Website Kim Sumner

Project Detail

Kim Sumner is a certified Coach and Consultant that helps professionals and entrepreneurs with their career transition.

With more than 20 years of experience helping people find and create careers they love, she wants to develop her own personal branding.

In order to create a strong brand the first step is to create a logo, an essential piece to communicate your unique identity.

Taking the logo as a base, we work on the Branding, creating a graphic line that reflects professionalism and experience, while at the same time it’s welcoming and friendly.

Website’s Design
Finally, we worked on the design of the website: the objective was to create a clearer and more visually attractive website, focusing on the services.
In terms of look & feel, the emphasis remains on the photos that represent Kim’s personal values and style.

Art direction, creativity and design.
Responsive Design: design adjustment for optimal multi-support view (computer, tablet, mobile).


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    Kim Sumner Coaching