My Expertise


Digital presentations are a fundamental tool to inform clients or sell.
Impactful visual content helps to communicate the message in a clear and attractive way.



This presentation helps to communicate and build the brand image for a company.

Often used as a sales tool, it is a document that describes the company and its services.

It helps the company to differentiate itself from the competition and to attract potential clients.


Presentation in catalogue format whose objective is to promote products and services, in an attractive and visual way.

Through the use of photographs, animation and icons, we can highlight characteristics and functionalities of the products and / or services.


Structured with a clear and attractive narrative, it is used to attract investors, focusing on the narration of technical data with the aid of illustrations and iconography.

It helps to bring a new business idea to an audience and show why it is worth investing in or joining the project.


100% customizable PowerPoint document, with predefined graphic styles (fonts, colors, text formats, graphics, etc).

It is used as a basis for the creation of internal presentations, working with the corporate identity of the company / brand in order to be consistent with the corporate look & feel.

Other Services


The creation and implementation of Branding helps to consolidate the company’s message through its visual communication, reflecting trust and professionalism.
Design & Restyling of logo / Graphic line + Brand Manual.


Visual representation of complex information, focusing on making it easy and interesting to the audience.
Through the use of graphic resources such as illustrations, icons and simple texts, they help us understand and remember the contents more easily.
Ideal for reports, data comparison, etc.

PowerPoint Animation

The use of animation is essential to create dynamic presentations with highly visual impact.
Animation helps us understand the information and is key to explain processes or tell stories.
It also helps in the creation of  interactive presentations.

What makes me different

Experience matters

More than 20 years working as a Graphic Designer for big and medium size companies.

My creative process

I help my clients convey their message effectively and efficiently, developing a specific strategy for each project.

Inspiration & Creativity

I bring content to life through idea generation and creation of a unique visual language.

Everything is in the details

I am a very perfectionist, and I like to commit to what I do.
It’s the details that make the difference.

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