Branding SePrA


SePrA is a cooperative that offers Occupational Risk Prevention services.

With more than 15 years of experience, SePrA wants to renew its corporate image. The main objective is to reflect the growth of the company, as well as their new values.

The client wants to keep the basic elements of the current logo. As a result, we decided to work on a restyling of the logo: keeping its essential structure (so that it can be recognized), with some modifications that make it lighter and more sophisticated.

The new logo is memorable, keeping the basic criteria of simplicity, understanding and readability.
In addition to the main logo, a second stamp-style version was created.

To reflect the evolution of SePrA, we designed a new visual universe, richer and more aspirational.
The new branding reflects the modernization of the company and focuses on its new values.
The consistency in the application of the graphic line makes all the elements being perceived as part of the SePrA brand.

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