Senda Insular Branding


Senda Insular is a company that specializes in transportation to Spanish islands (Canary Islands and Balearic Islands).

Having grown up in the recent years, the company seeks a repositioning in the market. To reflect this change, the client requests a complete rebranding. They want to reinforce the values of compromise and personalized service, as well as modernize the image of “Senda Insular”.

The proposed logo is based on the creation of an icon that suggests the shape of the peninsula and islands. Working on the shape of the circle denotes closeness, movement and protection.
The simple and clear style gives consistency to the logo, giving it a fresh and renovated style.

  • Categories:
    Branding, Brochures & Publications
  • Client:
    Senda Insular
  • Marketing material:
    Business stationery, digital sales presentation, corporate folder