CORE Branding


CORE is a company specialized in the construction sector, that provides a comprehensive consulting service in the fields of Engineering and Construction.

The customer requested that the logo reflected commitment, experience and efficiency.
It was also important to base the proposal on the attributes that are the essence of CORE:

  • Materialization: Virtual Building System allows to realize the project.
  • Core: the company name refers to essence, heart, central part of something.
  • Technology: a key element of the company, it was essential that the logo reflected the digital component.

The proposal was based on the concept of materialization. The icon that replaces the letter “O” suggests an element that is discovered, manifested, working with the shape of the hexagon that denotes strength.
The pieces that conform the hexagon are perfectly assembled, reflecting efficiency. By placing the icon in the center of the word, the core concept also works.


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